Dust introduces a variety of weapons New Vegas. These are mostly improvised weapons with little use but among them are some extremely useful pieces of equipment. This list is a work in prgress and should not be considered complete.

Weapon Name Weapon Skill Req. Ammo How to Obtain/Description
Blunderbuss Guns 75 45-70 Gov't Must be obtained at specific location, No - Barks house. Fight his pet deathclaw and loot it's corpse.
Dust Musket Guns 15 9mm Perhaps the easiest to to control weapon in the game the dust musket can be held and used by almost any survivor. It is used by almost all of the factions in the Dust wasteland. It can be crafted using a crutch and a scrap metal at any Workbench. Is very useful as it has little spread.
Stun Gun None MF Breeder Only one exist it is held in the footlocker on the roof of the El Rey Motel just west of Camp Mccarran. It requires either a key or a hard lock skill. It is perhaps one of the most useful weapons in dust as it is able to paralyze almost any enemy in the game. However, it starts with zero ammo when equipped and is extremely slow to charge so it is useless in a near death scenario. But, its stun can be used to escape from anything form Detathclaws to Tunnelers.
Auto-Materiel Rifle Guns 75 .50 MG Fully automatic 50-calibre sniper rifle, held by an NCR trooper inside White-Bird's Cave in Zion. Almost identical in appearance to the anti-materiel rifle, but with an attached bipod and metal stock.