Three Crosses Camp
The Tribes namesake
Vital statistics
Type Tribal Settlement
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Tribals, Tribal Mongrels, Cannibals (Crucified)
"Tereus! The Time Has Come To March On The Foul Tribesman Who Most Thoroughly Crucified Heliodoro, Son of Branimir And His Kinsmen. Unleash The Unending Fury of Mo-Tel Upon Them And Let The Sun Roast Their Bones Most Wholly!" —Revenge!

Three Crosses Camp (formerly Nelson) is a tribal settlement in the eastern Mojave wasteland. Formerly occupied by the Legion, it is now populated by tribal remnants who have retained their penchant for crucifixion

Overview Edit

The Three Crosses takes their name from the three improvised crucifixes at the town's north end. Immediately surrounding this centerpiece are two barracks and a number of houses, most of them ruined. Further beyond these are fortifications creating a perimeter around the town. These are manned by armed and categorically hostile tribals as well as hunting dogs.

Relations with the outside Edit

The tribal residents have a particular zeal for kidnapping the cannibal-cultists from neighboring Novac and crucifying them for entertainment. Swearing Mo-Tel's vengeance upon the tribesmen, his children dispatched a war party against the tribals, which was captured and crucified in turn. Despite angry proclamations of revenge, the residents of Novac have yet to see a satisfactory retaliation.

Areas of interest Edit

The Tribe's leader holds court in the right most barracks building, being in possession of a Tribal Chieftain Mask and the unique machete Liberator.

A Nuka-Cola Victory can be found in the house immediately west of the barracks.

Trivia Edit

Based on the tribal leader's possession of Liberator, it can be reasonably inferred that he and the Legion Decanus Dead Sea are one and the same person