"If you're NCR and you're reading this- I've found a way out. Up this ladder- safety. I've gone to get reinforcements, but if I don't make it back, please make use of these supplies I've procured from around the casino.
-Sgt. Jacobs" -Crumpled Note

The Tops
"You're gonna dig us, baby"
Vital statistics
Type Derelict Casino
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location New Vegas Strip, Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cloud Victims, Feral Ghouls
The Tops is a ruined casino located on the New Vegas strip.

Background Edit

Before the Fall, the Tops was a high-end hotel and casino owned by Robert House and operated on his behalf by the Chairmen, a tribe that Mr. House had recruited by way of his securitrons and recultured in the 1950's "Rat Pack" aesthetic. In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Chairmen as well as the other two families were deposed and the NCR took direct control over the properties located on the Vegas strip, ostensibly killing or otherwise disabling Mr. House in the process. With the Fall and subsequent NCR withdrawal from the Mojave, the Tops fell into disuse, occupied only by the mad survivors of the cloud and their feral counterparts.

Overview Edit

The Tops is heavily occupied by Feral Ghouls with a token presence of Cloud Victims, some of whom are hostile. Because of the high levels of radiation found here, survivors should take precautions, packing reserve supplies of radiation treatment and either Alcohol or Thorazine given the established psychological impact of engaging feral Ghouls.

Areas of Interest Edit

The Pool located behind the casino is oddly free of radioactive contamination, making it one of the few sources of fresh water in the Mojave.

The Tops restaurant and Ace's theater contain large quantities of Alcohol.

One of two viable entrances to Vault 21 is located in an elevator shaft near the rear of the casino floor.

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