The Prospector's Den is a cavern south-east of Primm, and directly north of Jack Rabbit Springs.

The Prospector's Den
Vital statistics
Type Survivor Camp
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Survivors

Background Edit

The Prospector's Den was constructed some time before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, occupied originally by the long-since disbanded Jackals gang before housing NCR-aligned prospectors. Nowadays, the Prospector's Den houses hostile survivors who appear to have liberated the base from former occupants.

Layout Edit

The exterior of the cavern is an open gully cutting through into the Ivanpah dry basin. The western approach to the Den has light radiation stemming from Jack Rabbit Springs, as well as the body of a Dead Survivor. The entry to the Den is guarded by two survivors, generally wielding Cowboy Repeaters.

The interior of the cavern consists of two survivors, plus the bodies of dead survivors (who wear backpacks). This antechamber is otherwise rather forgettable.

The Prospector's Den cabin holds three survivors, each wielding moderately powerful weaponry, though the layout of the cabin makes dispatching these survivors rather easy. The cabin consists of three rooms and a long hallway interconnecting the rooms:

  • The first room encountered is something of a living room and kitchen space. It holds a single Enclave/BoS footlocker (which has a 'STORAGE' sign painted above it), two queen-sized beds, two cabinets, plus a variety of junk.
  • The second room is what appears to be living quarters, with six mattresses spread across the floor with footlockers assigned to each. There is a single easy lock, and one average lock to pick. A Tumblers Today magazine is in the far-right corner.
  • The third room acts as a small maintenance shack. It has two shelves, a first aid box, a reloading bench, and a generator (which can be damaged, and thus explode).

Tactics Edit

This base serves as a great early-game base once the player escapes the southern Legion Safehouse. Discluding the radiation stemming from Jack Rabbit Springs, this location is situated in a great locale with little to no major hazards (such as tunnelers, or larger monsters). The reloading bench offers ammunition crafting, with plenty of containers to stow your scavenged goods. Directly north lays Primm, which hosts plentiful resources to scavenge, while Nipton lays directly south.

The survivors who occupy this location also all wield cowboy repeaters, with the chance of finding modifications for said cowboy repeater being rather high. If dispatched, this presents a great way to scavenge a relatively powerful rifle, plus ammunition to feed it.