The Prison
The former warden's office
Vital statistics
Type Pre-Fall Correctional Facility, Survivor Fort
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Survivors
The Prison (Formerly the New California Republic Correctional Facility) is an derelict prison in the Mojave wasteland. 5 years before the fall, the NCR CF was the site of a prisoner uprising in which prisoners used secreted explosives and improvised weapons to kill their guards and take over the facility which they converted into a fort for raiding parties.

In DUST Edit

Due to unknown circumstances, the prisons former raider inhabitants had abandoned the facility, leaving it open to occupation by a group of survivors in 2301. Thanks to one of the survivors tampering with the former wardens terminal, the records detailing the circumstances leading up to the prisons capture by inmates were erased, much to the chagrin of the group's apparent leader, Morgan. Initially, the group magnanimously extended invitations to join them in their fortress to like-minded survivors from the various camps that dot the south-western Mojave. This resulted in disaster as a group that was subsequently allowed in attacked the established survivors in the middle of the night, killing Morgan and half of the cell blocks occupants before being killed themselves. Since this occurred, the inhabitants have taken a hard-line on self-preservation and will open fire on anybody who comes into range.

Insanity Edit

After killing all of the inhabitants, Child NPCs will begin spawning in the prison yard and visitor center. Whether this is caused by insanity or is a glitch is unknown.

Trivia Edit

Several vanilla Powder Ganger NPCs (such as Scrambler) appear in the prison, albeit under the name "Survivor". This could suggest that the prison was not completely uninhabited when it was taken over by survivors.

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