"Progress on rerouting the perimeter teleporter signals is going surprisingly well. Straying outside the boundaries of the facility will bring the subject straight here. Now we just need to set up some traps in the area and that tech'll harvest itself.
Still no word on the location of the Teleportalponder." -Progress Report

Tech Scavengers (also known as Tech Scavvers) are an organized group of raiders operating in Big Mountain as of 2301.

Overview Edit

Tech Scavengers, as their name would imply, seek out and salvage Old-World tech, ostensibly for personal benefit. This temeritous attitude has attracted the ire of an unspecified chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel and the two groups fight regular skirmishes amongst the flooded ruins of the Big MT. On appearance, most scavengers are not visibly distinct from the numerous groups of survivors wandering the greater Mojave wasteland, only set apart by their armament which is comprised of manufactured and homemade energy weapons, likely the spoils of their mandate. Another distinguishing character can be found in their apparent leadership; small unit leaders can often be found clad in Tesla armor and typically wield heavy-energy weapons such as Gatling lasers.

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