Shadowclaws are bestial creatures appearing in legends native to the Mojave Wasteland. While hysterical survivors have sworn to their existence, skeptics maintain that these creatures are purely fictitious and have rebutted that heretofore all reported encounters with the species have involved alcoholics, drug addicts, cannibals and the mentally infirm.

Vital statistics
Position Wasteland Urban Legend
Age N/A
Status Apocryphal
Physical attributes
Height 9-10 feet (based on witness testimony)
Weight N/A

Physiology Edit

Most witnesses maintain that Shadowclaws superficially resemble the common Deathclaw, albeit with some morphological differences. Most notably, Shadowclaws are allegedly translucent or possess some form of dynamic camouflage which allows them to blend in with their immediate surroundings. Some researchers have attributed this characteristic as being the result of a later mutation of the Pre-War Jackson Chameleon from which the Deathclaw genus was created. Shadowclaws are alleged to announce their presences with a high pitched shriek in contrast to the guttural growl of the common Deathclaw. The most curious element is that there is yet to be a confirmed death from a Shadowclaw attack. All subjects who have reported an encounter with the creatures maintain that they were knocked unconscious and came to shortly thereafter, often waking up miles from the location of the reported encounter after having suffering intense nightmares. While some maintain that Shadowclaws are the product of overly-fevered and disturbed imaginations, their characteristics in conjunction with some of the other known projects of the Pre-War US government have led many to believe that Shadowclaws are an advanced version of the original mutation created and deployed as a psychological weapon to disseminate fear and dissent amongst soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

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