Repconn Headquarters
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|210px|Corporate shenanigans...fallen away]]
Corporate shenanigans...fallen away
Vital statistics
Type Scavenging Location
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Mr. Handy, Sentry Bot

Repconn Headquarters is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, south-west of Aerotech Office Park.

Once a corporate headquarters, now it stands as a temptation to the desperate.


Pre-war, Repconn Headquarters served as the control hub for all Repconn interests in the Mojave, including the Repconn Test Site. But that was oh so long ago. What can such ancient history do for any of us? Learn to let go.


Repconn Headquarters is patrolled by two Mr. Handys outside (Called "Maintenance Bot"). They are hostile and armed with flamethrowers.

Inside, Repconn HQ is largely unchanged from the vanilla game, except it has much less energy ammunition within.

Areas of InterestEdit

The Mr. Handys outside are a good source of flamer fuel for processing into molotov cocktails.

Each floor is patrolled by mobile facial recognition scanners and maintenance bots, each of which can be destroyed for flamer fuel and scrap metal with sneak attacks. Do not attempt to destroy the Tour Guide on the 1st floor - Sentry Bots will come out of hidden compartments in the walls. There are two locked supply closets on the first floor, requiring 50 and 75 lockpick respectively. One of them contains both a plasma pistol and a plasma rifle.

Also on the 1st floor, the vault hides an energy weapons skill book and the Q-35 Matter Modulator behind a 100 Lockpick/Science barrier. It's less damaging than a normal plasma rifle, but it's more ammo efficient. That's valuable in DUST.

There's also an energy weapon skill book on the 2nd floor, and a 75 lockpick way into the vault. There is a kitchen on this floor, and some alcohol is guaranteed as well as some turpentine in the janitor's closet, but it's unlikely you will find food here.

There are two dead Brotherhood Paladins on the 3rd floor, and you may loot the mission holotape - but they don't have anything else you may take. There's also a 25 lockpick safe on the 3rd floor.

North of the Repconn HQ is a small train station. There is a lot of pre-war money, some explosives, a dead survivor with a note referencing Understone, and a McCallum rifle there.


The presence of the Q-35 Matter Modulator in Repconn suggests that the Courier ignored the facility. Perhaps this lack of attention to detail played into the Courier's Fall?

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