Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Camp
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cannibals, Snuffles

"Good haul today. The game in these parts is quite abundant. They all seem to be drawn to Vegas. And this is the only road there for miles around." —Journal page
Quarryville, formerly the NCR mining camp of Sloan, is a large cannibal settlement located Northeast of The Ghost Town, along Interstate-15.

In Dust Edit

Quarryville consists of 4 buildings occupied by hostile Cannibals, the Barracks, Slaughterhouse (formerly the Mining Office), and Diner.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Due to the high concentration of cannibals, it is not recommened to attack head on. A viable option is to either lure the deathclaws into the town, or head to the left side and attack from a run down shack, this will create a choke point for the cannibals where they will get stuck on each other allowing an easy kill for the player.

Tactical Considerations Edit

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