Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Brotherhood of Steel Mojave Chapter
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"I can recognize the markings on the wall. If that old fool Mcnamera wants to stick his head in the sand and hide from it he can rot in hell. I'm not going to."

Paladin Ramsey is the leader of the remnants of the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel based in Fort Searchlight.

History Edit

Ramsey was a high-ranking Brotherhood Paladin in the Mojave chapter prior to the Fall. As Brotherhood scouts reported the NCR was working on an unknown bioweapon they had recovered from the Sierra Madre Casino. A captured Dead Bears tribal confirmed his fears that Elijah was behind the unfolding events, and Ramsey warned Nolan Mcnamera to evacuate Hidden Valley in fear of an impending catastrophe, arguing that the bunker's filtration system would not filter the Cloud. The Elder dismissed him, leading Ramsey and several disillusioned Paladins deserted and headed for Camp Searchlight, still abandoned out of fears of lingering radiation. They found the low radiation levels from a detonated Legion dirty bomb had largely dissipated, and set a makeshift base. A few days after arriving at Searchlight, two scouts they had dispatched to Hidden Valley returned with news that the Mojave Chapter had been attacked by the NCR, who breached the bunker and filed it with radioactive waste, killing or ghoulifying everyone inside. The surviving BOS members planned to evacuate the Mojave and reunite with the Western BOS by repairing the aircraft at Searchlight Airport, setting up a small outpost on the tarmac with radio link to the Fort. This camp was subsequently overrun by Radscorpions.

Gameplay Edit

Ramsey can be encountered as the sole Brotherhood Paladin at Fort Searchlight, found in the bungalow used by Private Edwards in Fallout: New Vegas. He will turn hostile if he detects the player, and with his T-51b Power Armor is amongst the most dangerous NPCs in Dust.

Trivia Edit

  • Ramsey is in fact a reused Private Edwards, and is still flagged as a member of the NCR, often causing him to be killed by his own men upon entering his Bungalow.
  • Ramsey wears the only suit of T-51b Power Armor in Fallout: Dust.

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