You probably saw him when you came in but you can go up inside too!
Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Settlement
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cannibals, Hunting Dogs
"No no Nobark. Nobark sees. No no Novac. Novac hears. No no Nobark Knows."

—Incoherent Ramblings

Novac is a cannibal settlement in the Mojave Wasteland. Occupied by the Legion in the years leading up to The Fall, it has since become home to the cannibalistic members of the cult of Mo-Tel

Background Edit

During the Second battle of Hoover Dam, the town of Novac was occupied by Legion forces under the command of Centurion Quintus Avernus. With the Legion's defeat at the dam, its forces left in the Mojave wasteland were left to fend for themselves. Fortunately for these holdouts, the NCR was in no position to try and reseize remote settlements it had previously lost. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Tunnelers from the divide was a devastating blow as supply caravans and agricultural production could no longer reliably provide the food they were not able to get from the NCR. With supplies dwindling rapidly, Avernus looked to his own tribal history as a member of the Sun Dogs for a solution. In this, he resurrected an old custom, The feast of the warrior, wherein a defeated and weak warrior would be consumed by his better so that he might impart what strength he did have to one better able to make full use of it. While originally trepidatious, his fellow legionaries soon came around, with the first consumed being the defeated residents of Novac

The rise of Mo-Tel Edit

The adoption of cannibalism, despite the circumstances under which it arose was not without consequences. As madness set in among the survivors, some among them began to worship the dinosaur-shaped gift shop in the town as a great and terrible God, who had destroyed the greedy and the iniquitous with drought and famine and granting unto the righteous the gift of knowledge. Within a few years, this cult had subsumed the settlements Legion identity, the only reminder of their past being a small, tasteful memorial to Quintus Avernus on the outskirts of town.

Overview Edit

Novac is comprised of mostly intact residential and utility buildings surrounding the motel compound. Dogs and cannibals make regular patrols of the periphery and there is a sniper on post inside the dinosaur at all times.

Relations with the outside Edit

Novac's cannibals are regularly preyed on by tribals from the nearby village of Three Crosses who derive immense enjoyment from crucifying them. Attempts at rectifying this have thus far only resulted in more crucifixions .

It is implied that Novac's residents have at least neutral relations with the cannibals occupying Hill Town and HELIOS-One, though petitions for help against the tribals have yet to be realized.

Areas of interest Edit

A large quantity of crafting equipment can be found in and around the service station opposite the motel compound.

The town's nighttime sniper carries the unique Cowboy Carbine.

The Temple contains the unique skill book, "The Complete Teachings of Mo-Tel" which increases the survival skill by 3.