New Vegas Clinic
The exterior of the Clinic
Vital statistics
Type Pre-Fall Medical Center
Level 1: Low Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Crazed Followers
"Unable to reach extraction point. Ghouls everywhere. Marion and Esmond made it to the Vertibird in time, but Cal... I had to help him, right? I had to try.

We've returned to the Clinic for now. Perhaps we can try to hike our way to one of the NCR bases. It'll be tough, but it's really our only option now."— Journal

The New Vegas Medical Clinic is a former medical center operated and occupied by members of the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Background Edit

Prior to The Fall, the Followers used the clinic to dispense medical treatment to the greater Vegas area, including surgery, psychiatric treatment and the installation of pre-war implants that enhanced a users physical and/or cognitive abilities. During the events of the fall, the fate of the Clinic is unknown though it was presumably abandoned.

Followers expedition Edit

Due to criminal charges being filed against Edwin Royst, the head researcher at Vault 21 and the Lucky 38 laboratories, the followers in California mounted a fact-finding mission to the Mojave to recover physical evidence of wrong-doing from the former research centers. With the strip unassailable due to the pro-Royst factions concurrent operations, the team dispatched an expedition to the New Vegas sewers in search of a way into New Vegas proper. Here, they found mountains of damning evidence. What they didn't find was a way out. Forced to retreat back to California empty-handed, the remnants of the expedition were separated by feral Ghouls and three among them were forced to retreat back to the clinic,

Overview Edit

The New Vegas Clinic is occupied by three members of the Followers of the Apocalypse who have been driven mad by isolation and will attack on sight,

Some medical supplies and magazines, as well as notes detailing the fate of the expedition can be found within the clinic and on it's inhabitants

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