Nellis Air Force Base
Boomer Mass Execution
Vital statistics
Type Military Installation
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants NCR Remnants, Boomers (deceased)
Nellis Air Force Base is a pre-war military facility that was, prior to 2301 occupied by the xenophobic Boomers, a faction originating out of Vault 34.

In DUST Edit

At the time of the Wanderers arrival, Nellis is under occupation by the NCR remnants whose forces in the area include veteran rangers as well as a significant population of NCR troopers. The NCR has commandeered the bases artillery and will open fire on anybody who appears to be approaching the facility. It is also worth noting that the NCR occupants here have a preponderance of heavy weapons such as Missile launchers and Miniguns due to having looted Boomer munition stores.

The Boomers themselves can be found in the western part of the facility, having been wiped out to the last by the NCR. The presence of a flatbed truck and several veteran rangers in this area implies that the Boomers were disarmed before being driven to a remote area of the base and executed en masse though this is purely conjectural.

Tactical Considerations Edit

Due to the artillery cover and the presence of heavily armed troops at the main gate, it is not practical or wise to attempt to pick off the NCR personnel from a distance outside the base. The main gate is also protected by a Very Hard lock (though a key can be found at the NCR Embassy on the Strip) so attempts to power through the main entrance will be upset by this. The most prudent strategy is to use the rocks and bluffs on the east side of the facility to as cover, picking off the patrolling Mister Gutsys and the NCR patrols near the gate before proceeding westward. Though a high-risk target, Nellis contains ample amounts of food, water, ammunition and Thorazine.

Trivia Edit

The Quonset hut containing the Boomers mural has been scrubbed and is now occupied by an NCR veteran ranger and two troopers

Due to many of the NCR personnel being re-purposed Boomers from the original game, several of the troopers and Veteran rangers are comically short, having been adapted from Boomer children

The Boomer quartermaster is alive and non-hostile though he will refuse to trade with the player. He can be killed with no loss of sanity.

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