"Welcome to Kai-sar's Hill. Here you may worship in peace- safe from the horrors beyond the canyon. Visit the Four Stones, or try our delicious Tunneler Steaks! Only the Guard holds weapons here- all others must relinquish their arms before entering these walls. Those that wish to enter the Inner Sanctum and read the sacred scripts must speak to Scribe Morka'ad." -Notice
Kai-sar's Hill (formerly known as Fortification Hill or colloquially The Fort) is a tribal settlement and holy site located in the eastern Mojave wasteland in 2301.

Kai-sar's Hill
Vital statistics
Type Tribal Encampment/Religious Site
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Arizona, Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Tribals, Dust Walkers

Background Edit

Prior to the Second Battle for Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill was the principle forward operating base of Caesar's Legion where major military and intelligence operations against the New California Republic were planned and carried out. Following the Legion's defeat and Caesar's apparent death in 2281, the fort was presumably abandoned though a skeleton crew of Tribal remnants returned at some point after the Fall. In time, the Tribals, like many others came to mythologize the Legion, maintaining the Fort as a tribute to it's memory.

Overview Edit

Due to the precipitous declining of the Colorado river, Kai-sar's hill can only be accessed by braving Hoover Canyon through Aurelia,a stretch of the dead river occupied by Feral Ghouls and Tunnelers. Fortification Hill proper is accessed by way of a tunnel due east of Hoover Dam. Though the tribals occupying the Fort purport to be peace-loving spiritualists, they are known to be aggressive to outsiders on sight so great care should be taken.

Notes Edit

Caesar's Tent has been replaced with a tin shanty, referred to as the Sanctum. Caesar's remains, as well as documentation of the Legion's final years are purported to be housed within, though the sanctum is not accessible as of Dust 2.0

The Weather Monitoring Station can still be found at the far end of the compound, though it is not accessible by any normal means.

Trivia Edit

The Weather Station and Caesar's tent can still be accessed via console commands. While Caesar and his entourage have been changed into generic tribals, the lower area of the weather station is still occupied by robot sentries and it is still possible to receive Mr. Houses main quest, though obviously impossible to see it through.

Entering VATS in this area can cause the game to glitch, resulting in the player being effectively blinded.