Hill Town
The Hills have eyes
Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Camp
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cannibals, Bloatflies

In response to your concerns over the nearby raider tribes, I believe we have nothing to worry about. Scouts have reported that the group has little firepower and low food supplies on hand. They'll starve out by the end of the month, I don't doubt.
ORDER AUTHORIZATION 10328487" —Forlorn Hope Mandate

Hill Town (Formerly Camp Forlorn Hope) is a former NCR outpost turned cannibal camp located in the eastern Mojave wasteland, north of Three Crosses

Background Edit

During the NCR-Legion war, Camp Forlorn Hope was at the forefront of the fighting, with troops stationed there regularly engaging in skirmishes with Legion raiding parties crossing the Colorado. After the Second battle of Hoover Dam, the NCR focused it's attention towards the newly annexed New Vegas strip, leaving its personnel in outlying areas to fend for themselves. Already undersupplied and demoralized, the garrison at Forlorn Hope found themselves facing a new threat in the form of cannibalistic madmen who had emerged in the wake of the Mojave's massive food crisis. Initially, these marauders were easy pickings for the troops stationed there but with the Fall and the arrival of the dust storms, contact between Forlorn Hope and other NCR facilities ended completely and abruptly. As supplies dwindled to nothing, the cannibals had an easier and easier time picking off the residual NCR troops one at a time until only a terrified handful remained. Desertions became endemic with deserters never making it far outside the camp's perimeter before being slaughtered. By the end, the garrison was reduced to three men as well as a number of dummies outfitted with NCR uniforms in an attempt to fool the cannibals. These holdouts lasted just long enough to discover the fate of New Vegas before their ruse was discovered and they were killed. Camp Forlorn Hope was no more.

Overview Edit

Hill Town is occupied by a large contingent of well-armed cannibals. Due to its position, it is highly defensible, with prospective intruders usually being killed by grenades before they get close to the town perimeter. Due to its previous destitution, there is little in the way of loot here other than massive amounts of human flesh and a small amount of medical supplies in the former medics tent.