The Freeside Rebellion (Also known as the King's Rebellion and The Revolution) was an uprising by New Vegas residents against grievances arising from the NCR civil and military occupation of the Mojave wasteland.

Background Edit

Prior to the second battle of Hoover Dam, tensions had arisen between Vegas locals and NCR settlers and military personnel, particularly in the slum areas of Freeside and Westside. The NCR, for their part resented the natives of New Vegas for their perceived ingratitude. Altercations between the two groups were frequent and often resulted in violence and loss of life. After the Legions defeat and the apparent deposition of the Courier by NCR forces, this came to a head as the standard of living in the greater Vegas area precipitously declined due both to frequent attacks by tribal remnants of Caesars Legion and the Fiends as well as the devastation of the Long 15 supply line from California. By 2286, the situation had become intractable. All that was needed was a catalyst

The End Edit

As the dust storms approached the Mojave in 2286, the NCR executed its predetermined evacuation plan, extricating most of its personnel from the greater Vegas area and sealing the gates behind them