"The Lights Herald Paradise. A Great City is said to lie within Her Walls, still. The Red Men hold the Streets, but Under... yes, Under the Stones of Vegas lies a New Home. A Place of Safety and Limitless Sustenance. I have seen it, as if in a Dream." -Onward, to Salvation!
The Fields of Salvation (Formerly the NCR Sharecropper Farms) is a Cannibal transient camp located in the Mojave Wasteland.

Fields of Salvation
"I was out for a stroll that night when I heard the commotion up at the old bone orchard. Saw what looked like a bunch of bad eggs so I laid low. "
Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Temporary Settlement
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cannibals, Marked Men

Background Edit

As of 2281, The NCR Sharecropper Farms existed as an extension of the Thaler Act wherein farmers were paid commission to travel to the frontier and grow food for the growing number of NCR personnel there. At some point after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the area was abandoned along with the official NCR presence in the Mojave and its fields left fallow. Sometime after the fall, a group of Cannibals en route to the New Vegas Sewers made a temporary camp in the area, using it as a staging ground for hunting survivors.

Overview Edit

The Fields of Salvation are comprised of a fenced-off farming area containing several greenhouses which have been repurposed by the cannibals, ostensibly for ceremonial purposes. These "Bone Gardens" contain macabre arrangements of sinew and bone arranged within the planters and farming equipment left behind by the areas previous inhabitants. The cannibals here tend towards improvised melee weapons and grenades with a handful carrying makeshift rifles and the like. Due to its close proximity to the Marked Men-controlled Aerotech Office Park, skirmishes between the two groups are quite frequent but usually very one-sided.

Areas of Interest Edit

The apparent leader of the Cannibals carries Legate Lanius' mask, a Nuka-Breaker and the note above.

Trivia Edit

The Mask carried by the Cannibal leader is in fact that of Legate Lanius. Ironically, it is far outclassed stat-wise by the crude mimicries used by the Burned Bulls, making it just another piece of wasteland trash.

Many of the cannibals located here are tagged as NCR personnel and will cause infamy when killed. Since most NCR personnel are categorically hostile, this has little impact on gameplay.

Tactical Considerations Edit

The area is flooded with cannibals mostly equipped with melee weapons, they are also surrounded by a fence which they patrol regularly. Make sure to take out the patrols from a distance as they will overwhelm you. Once you get that done, get near the fence where the cannibals will get stuck on the fence running side to side looking for an exit. This will make them an easy target as they can not run up at you until they find an exit. But watch your sides too, either Tunnelers, NCR, Cloud Victims, or cannibals can get you from sides. Also be wary of the exits, as some might slip through without you noticing and can easily kill a new and under-equipped survivor.

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