"There's no such thing as "reputation" anymore. Who's there to spread the word?"
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The factions from Fallout: New Vegas have been, for the most part, destroyed. Since the fall of the previous factions inhabiting the Mojave, many have fallen into insanity and became a tribal or even as far as a cannibal.

New California Republic Edit

The NCR are the last major faction to survive. While Caesars Legion, The Great Khans, the Powder Gangers, and many other factions dissolved into innumerable bands of tribals and survivors, the NCR managed to keep hold of a few strongholds. Over the past 20 years, the NCR have learned not to trust the average wastelander, due to their tendency to be cannibalistic madmen. Be careful, the NCR have access to high quality weaponry and often shoot on sight.

The NCR have lost many of their outposts and territory to tribals and cannibals, with HELIOS One being one of the many.

Tribals Edit

Tribals are among the most common human enemies you'll find in the Mojave. They tend to have a lack of firepower, and with the few firearms they do have, they're far from efficient or deadly. What they lack in firepower, they make up for in melee weapons.

Cannibals Edit

Cannibals too lack when it comes to high-quality weaponry. Their arsenal is made up mostly of home-made firearms and hacking blades, such as cleavers and machetes. Cannibals usually aren't seen wandering the wastes and are most often encountered in the ruins of old settlements. Be careful though- these monsters tend to make up for their crappy weaponry in sheer numbers.

Survivors Edit

Survivors are people like you. Some are good, some are bad. Most Survivors will shoot on sight, just as you probably will. Some will stand their ground, only attacking if you invade their personal space. A rare few will actually be willing to trade with you. Survivors are, for the most part, a mixed bag. Some will have extremely high-quality weaponry while others will have crap. Some live in groups, some live alone.

Cloud Victims Edit

These mysterious survivors live only in the radioactive ruins of New Vegas. Most of them are citizens and NCR military personnel, who did not manage to evacuate from New Vegas, when the Cloud and the Storm came. Mutation has given them the ability to quickly heal when exposed to radiation. They are similar to "marked men" from DLC "Lonesome road" visually, but they have another nature.

Tunnelers Edit

As predicted by Ulysses in Lonesome Road, the Tunnelers of the Divide have migrated over the past 20 years. Few Bighorners or other herbivorous creatures remain due to the hunger of the Tunnelers. Geckos are gone too, presumably because the Tunnelers ate them. Tunnelers are fast, strong, and all over the place. They will attack you on sight.

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