Cloud Victims are the former residents of the Strip and outer Vegas who were trapped inside by the NCR in the hours leading up to the Fall. The cloud-infused dust storm that ravaged the Mojave flensed the survivors of their skin leaving only muscle tissue. Like the marked men of the Divide, Cloud victims are a type of ghoul, only kept alive by background radiation which has a regenerative effect on them. Despite this, Cloud victims live in constant torment and can reasonably be called the worst suffering inhabitants of the Mojave wasteland.

Locations Edit

Cloud Victims inhabit interior and exterior areas of the Strip, Freeside and Westside. In addition, many can be found patrolling the wasteland near the south of Vegas, bringing them into sporadic conflict with cannibals, tunnelers and the hated NCR. Marked Men use a variety of scavenged and improvised weapons though they tend to boast a marginally better armament than cannibal groups. Most cloud victims have been driven entirely insane by the constant pain in which they live and will attack the Wanderer and all other human survivors on sight (though they don't seem to be in conflict with the feral ghouls occupying Freeside and the Strip). Some however seem resigned to their fate and will carry on as they did before the fall, playing cards, conversing and trying to make the best of the horrible circumstances they've found themselves in.

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