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Cannibal Fort
Exterior of the Fort, just right of the main gate
Vital statistics
Type Cannibal Compound
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Cannibals
—Crimson Caravan Reparations
The Cannibal Fort is a heavily fortified compound located just south of Freeside's East Barricade.

Background Edit

The Cannibal fort was originally the headquarters for the Gun Runners, a group of arms merchants operating out of the NCR. After the Fall, the Gun runners were forced out of their manufacturing center and took up with a group of survivors at the east pump station to the southeast. Sometime after this, the Gun Runners compound was taken over by cannibals

Overview Edit

The Cannibal fort is a heavily defensible structure with gunmen on improvised barricades set up outside and lesser armed cannibals patrolling the front as well as by the Freeside East Barricade. Entrance to the compound proper is protected by a Hard locked gate which is covered at ground level by cannibals equipped with small arms outside the main building

Inside the building are several more cannibals armed with a variety of weapons. A subtle strategy is recommended here as the cannibals are split into two distinct groups: one in the living area to the south and the other in the manufacturing center to the west.

Points of Interest Edit

The manufacturing area contains an assault carbine, several other random weapons and numerous crafting items, many of which are useful for making weapon repair kits.

Trivia Edit

The Gun Runners vendertron somehow survived the fall and can be found nearby, northeast of Vault 34. He will interact and trade with a survivor provided they are not in combat with the tunnelers nearby.

One of the Gun Runners terminal entries contains the phrase "How can mirrors be real if your eyes are not real?!?". This is a reference to a pseudo-intellectual twitter post by American actor Jaden Smith that has since become an internet meme.

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