"Golf sent a scouting force down to Vegas again. Proved what we'd all been thinking. Ware's little investigation is long gone. Maybe Lawson and  I can get her to reverse the charges. She's got no more evidence, after all." —Entry 3


Camp Golf is the center of NCR remnant operations in the Mojave wasteland. It is located north of the 188 Overpass.

Background Edit

Prior to the second Battle of Hoover Dam, Camp Golf was a communications center for the NCR war effort, as well as a dumping ground for mediocre soldiers. Shortly after the annexation of the Mojave, Camp Golf was used as an extension of the Royst-Bernard research effort in order to make overtures to tribal remnants of Caesar's Legion, recruiting them for an expedition to the Sierra Madre casino. After the fall, the NCR largely abandoned the Mojave, including most of it's major military facilities. This presumably includes Camp Golf.

In the aftermath of the NCRs foray into the Mojave, questions about the research that took place on the Vegas strip began to emerge.