Butch Deloria
Vital statistics
Position Survivor
Age 43
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

"I remember back in Virginia, all I ever wanted was to see something green. Trees, grass, a shrub, ANYTHING. Anything to stop the monotony of brown. They said there was something like that north of DC. I never saw it.
Well, there's green here, and it sure ain't no Oasis.
I never was content to stay in one place. Ever since I left the Vault all those years ago, I wanted nothing but to keep moving. Surely paradise lies just around the corner! There is no paradise. Any that once existed is long gone now. Nothing lasts forever. Not even me." Butch's account, Part 1

Butch Deloria is a survivor of Zion canyon, originally from the Capital Wasteland.

Background Edit

Previously a resident of Vault 101, Butch left the Capital wasteland after a new overseer opened the vault to allow its residents to explore the world outside after centuries of insular authoritarian rule. Making his way across the former United States, Butch eventually ended up in Zion canyon in southern Utah. By this time, his experiences traveling the country had replaced his youthful wanderlust with a deep and abiding cynicism, having seen humanity at it's very worst. Shortly after his arrival, Butch had his first encounter with a creature he referred to as "the Tall Man", a grotesquely mutated Spore Carrier. Initially believing the creature to be a product of his harried imagination, Butch eventually made contact with a tribal named White Bird, former shaman of the Sorrows tribe who informed him that the creature, the Wendigo was very much real. With White Birds knowledge of the area, the two set off south, towards the Northern Passage and New Vegas where they believed they would find safety. The duo steadily progressed through the canyon, only traveling in the early afternoon during the brief period the fog temporarily subsided and an encounter with "Wendy" was less likely. Shortly after, they made contact with several more survivors, first a young woman named Jess and then a few survivors of the ill-fated NCR expedition to Zion. Any high spirits engendered by this turn of events were quickly squashed as White Bird and a NCR survivor named Cal were captured and presumably killed by spore carriers. With the group reduced to Butch, Jess and a NCR trooper named Laurie, tensions began to run high as Laurie became adamant that the group should hunt down the carriers in an effort to rescue their people. Eventually, Laurie left in the night, ostensibly to take the fight to the abominations. Their health rapidly worsening, Butch and Jess made a final push to the passage out of Zion. Though initially intercepted by the Wendigo, they eventually made their way out of Zion and into the Mojave wasteland. Resolving to keep anyone else from experiencing the horrors of Zion Canyon, Butch barricaded the Northern Passage and buried the key. It is unknown what became of the two though some accounts state that they were murdered shortly after by a deranged survivor.

Overview Edit

Butch and Jess (identified in-game only as "Survivors) can be found in the northern passage tunnel leading into the Zion Valley. They are immediately hostile to the player and must be killed to move forward, though Jess will usually attempt to flee. Both carry accounts of their time in Zion as well as some miscellaneous items. In addition, Butch carries a .45 Auto pistol and the unique Vault 101 jumpsuit. Killing either of them results in loss of sanity.