"Fuck, man. That storm was killer. It's lucky the boys found those suits or most've us woulda been flayed alive. There weren't enough for all of us, but we worked it out that those without suits got to stay inside (seeing as there weren't enough space inside for alluv us anyhow). Even so, we lost some good people. And Old Man Thomas is looking pretty worse for wear. His skin's just hanging off him (well, more than usual). Hell, if I didn't know better I'd say he's lookin' down right ghoul-ish." —Journal
Boulder City is an abandoned town in the Mojave Wasteland. The site of a decisive strategic action during the first battle of Hoover Dam, the town was largely destroyed and abandoned until the the time of the Fall.

Boulder City
City of the Dammed
Vital statistics
Type Destroyed City
Level 3: High Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Ghost People, Survivors

Background Edit

Boulder City was the site of the some of the fiercest combat of the first battle of Hoover Dam. Feigning a retreat, NCR Rangers lured the Legions vanguard forces into the city before detonating explosives they had placed beforehand causing a massive rout and turning the tide in favor of the NCR. As a consequence of this, all but a few structures were completely destroyed and the town never regrew into anything more than a watering hole for travelers on Highway 93.

Immediately after the Fall and concurrent uprising, The King and a contingent of survivors and gang members made their way out of Freeside. Eventually arriving in Boulder City. At some point during their exodus,The King was mortally wounded and died shortly after the group's arrival. The remaining gang members had obtained a number of the NCR's Hazmat suits from an abortive raid on the Lucky 38 labs and put them to use as the dust storms became more severe. Having a finite number of suits, those without were put up in the few intact buildings. Eventually, due to a combination of factors, the survivors wearing the suits degenerated into Mojave Ghost People where they remain to this day among the ruins of a dead city.

Overview Edit

Boulder City is heavily occupied by Mojave Ghost People, as well as a few hostile survivors. The only areas of note on the towns periphery are the Big Horn Saloon (which retains a cache of liquor and a few weapons) and the Boulder City train station which contains crafting items and pre-war money. The interior section of Boulder City is a devil's fortress. Ghost seekers wait to ambush an incautious survivor by lobbing gas bombs from ruined buildings and blind corners while their counterparts close the distance from the south end. To the southeast is one of the few intact structures remaining in Boulder city. It is here that the remains of the King and several of his followers lie. Notes in this area detail the last days of Vegas. A few weapons and chemicals can also be found.

Trivia Edit

Ironically, killing the Kings gang remnant guarding the interior part of the city will cause the player to gain infamy with the NCR.