Abandoned Warehouse
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|210px|An unforgotten warehouse]]
An unforgotten warehouse
Vital statistics
Type Possible Starting Location, Unmarked
Level 0: Safe Zone
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants None

The Abandoned Warehouse is a possible starting location in DUST.


During the NCR-Legion War, the Abandoned Warehouse was used by the Van Graffs to double-cross Caesar's Legion, or could have been used for that purpose.

As a Starting LocationEdit

This is the easiest starting location in DUST.

Inside, there are four dead bodies - two tribals, and two NCR. There's a good chance of getting decent armor and weapons from them. There's also a crafting kit, two refrigerators, and a shelf with at least five bottles of wine on it. There are tribals right outside, but they aren't aggressive if you don't get too close.

The warehouse also has plenty of storage spots and a bed, so you can definitely use it as a main base as you loot the surrounding area. Unfortunately, there are no campfires, reloading benches, or workbenches in the general area.

The surrounding area in particular is fairly safe, with few Tunnelers, and largely non-aggressive Tribals. There are fire ants to the south to be wary of, but they don't particularly roam north enough to bother The Survivor here.

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