188 Overpass
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Vital statistics
Type Abandoned Trading Post
Level 2: Moderate Risk Area
Location Mojave Wasteland
Inhabitants Feral Ghouls, NCR Remnants, Tribals
"You want advice? Get out. The Mojave isn't safe any more, Lake Mead's dried up, Anyone in power has either fled, or wants you dead, and not even the ground is safe to walk on.

Everything's dead, from the villages and their people, to your own fucking hopes and dreams.
Run while you can." —Advice

The 188 Overpass is a location in the Mojave Wasteland at the intersection of highways 93 and 95.

Formerly a prosperous trading post, it is now home to little more than feral Ghouls and mad survivors.

Background Edit

Prior to the Fall, the 188 overpass was a bustling commerce center for NCR travellers en route to the New Vegas strip. With the death of Vegas, the camp's prosperity dried up and it's ruins were inherited by those too poor or too crazy to leave.

Overview Edit

The 188 overpass is occupied almost exclusively by feral Ghouls although there is one power-armoured NCR veteran ranger there attempting to hold them off. After dispatching any nearby ghouls, she will immediately attack any survivor within her line of sight. Assuming he is not killed by the ghouls, a non-hostile tribal can be found at the north end under the overpass.

Areas of Interest Edit

The Gunrunners' Alexander is still at his post and players can still trade with him, however there is a high probability he will be killed by ghouls shortly after the player approaches the area.

The Forecasters former camp contains several miscellaneous items as well as several boxes of sugar bombs and two notes.

A few bottles of liquor can be found at the south end on top of the overpass.

The NCR ranger carries scorched power armor, a super sledge and a hunting shotgun in poor condition.

Trivia Edit

The NCR ranger will occasionally yell pro-Brotherhood of steel slogans during combat, due to being a repurposed Veronica Santangelo.

Alexander's health does not regenerate so even if he does survive the ghouls the first time the player reaches the 188 Overpass the odds of him getting killed later steadily increase.

The tribal carries a book called "Pretty pretty horsies; a history of the Mongol empire". This item is for a quest in Vanilla and has no significance in DUST.

Due to a meshing issue, the Forecasters note must be picked up from an awkward angle.

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